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Tablo System

sideImage.jpg The main intended use of the system is coating surfaces used as whiteboards for presentations. These can be wall elements serving as whiteboards e.g. in conference rooms, schools, children's rooms. Unlike the typical whiteboard paints, our products are available in a multitude of colours. The coated surface can be written on with markers intended for presentations (the so-called dry-erase whiteboards), and dry-erased. In the case of more resistant markers, wiping the surface with a damp cloth should suffice. In addition, it offers the perfect protection for surfaces particularly exposed to dirt and requiring regular cleaning, e.g. public buildings: health service facilities, restaurants, hotels, offices, public departments, libraries, schools, corridors staircases, and kitchens.


Cleaning is easier than that of standard paint coatings. This is particularly important in children's rooms (crayons, pens etc. are easier to remove), and in rooms with heavy communication traffic. It creates high-resistance, waterproof coatings for various construction materials, such as: mineral plasters (gypsum, cement, cement-lime, silicate), and polymer (e.g. acrylic), brick, concrete, wood-derivates, plaster-cardboard slabs, fibreglass wallpapers.

The system includes:

Sil-Grunt – intended for priming of mineral surfaces (plaster). In the case of the so-called difficult surfaces (e.g. old oil dados), require using "a primer for difficult surfaces".

Latex mat or Latex Satin ( latex paints)

TABLO LAQ varnish – surface varnish heightening the coating durability and giving it a half-matte or full gloss. Can be applied directly on a pre-existing paint coating.

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