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Epoxy System


Specific requirements for the use of construction products in the industry result from the higher requirements of the users, as well, and much more difficult operating conditions of the surface. Many products that are working perfectly in the general construction, cannot cope with the industrial environment. Epoxy system EPIMAL is for such applications. Designed for painting of surfaces particularly vulnerable to damage and dirt, in public buildings (schools, offices, railway stations), health care facilities, restaurants, hotel lobbies, garages, corridors and staircases and surfaces exposed to frequent contact with aggressive chemicals (diluted acids, alkalis, salts, oils, lubricants, fuels, solvents) such as production hall floors and warehouses, wholesalers, including the food industry (breweries, distilleries, bakeries, dairies, butchers, abattoirs, processing, bottling).




Epoxy Flooring

epifilWP_mala.pngTwo-component solvent-free epoxy screed for indoor floorsthat are particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage, chemical and dirt. Recommended for use in public buildings (schools, offices), in the public health service, catering, hotels, parking garages, car washes, corridors and in warehouses, production halls and warehouses, including the food industry (breweries, distilleries, bakeries, dairies, slaughterhouses, processing plants, bottling plants ). Could also be used in bathrooms, living rooms, shops, beauty parlors, server rooms, SPA. A characteristic feature of epoxy flooring is a perfectly level surface with no visible joints. In addition to high mechanical resistance and abrasion they exhibit significant chemical resistance to acids, grease, detergent & salt solutions. Other advantages include ease of cleaning, fast completion time & attractive appearance. The kit consists of the preparation for priming with a hardener, and proper screed with hardener. Before pouring the flooring substrate is prepared with the primer. Available colors of the screed : light gray, medium gray, gray beige, beige, oxide red.

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