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DADO System

Non-yellowing set of water-diluted products for protective-decorative painting of plaster surfaces requiring heightened dirt resistance (e.g. dados) in corridors, staircases, canteens, kitchens, classrooms, hospitals. The satin coatings created, exhibit good surface adhesion, high durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Additional advantages of the system, compared to typical solvent alkyd or oil enamels (phtalic) is: mild odour during painting, a usually shorter drying time, as well as being able to clean the equipment with water.

Version 1

Primer for difficult surfaces – intended for priming the so-called difficult surfaces, e.g. old oil dados. In the case of a mineral surface (plaster), it may be replaced by the Sil-Grunt preparation.

Latex optimum or Latex Satin or Latex Ceramic – latex paints with accordingly semi-gloss and satin gloss. or AKRYLEN acrylic enamel – characterized by a significantly shorter drying time and lack of troublesome odours during painting and drying.

Version 2

Sil-Grunt - intended for priming of mineral surfaces (plaster). In the case of the so-called difficult surfaces (e.g. old oil dados), it is recommended to apply a Primer for difficult surfaces.

Biellux Plus or Latex mat – matte latex paints and AKRYLEN LAQ (acrylic, dado varnish) or EPIMAL LAQ (epoxide varnish) or TABLO LAQ (polyurethane varnish)

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