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System BIO - WARIANT A: Grzybostop + Biel-Grunt Bio + Bielanit Bio lub Poly-Acryl Bio

VARIANT B: Grzybostop + SILANIT W 

Products that guarantee the correct protection of premises with higher humidity.They protect against biodegradation, estroy the mycelium and bacteria. In the case of permanently damp substrates instead of VARIANT A BIO PRO PIGMENT system use the B variant of the system - GRZYBOSTOP + SILANIT W.


System HYDRO - Sil-Grunt + Izolanit tape set or Izolanit C-24 

Preventive damp-proof system. Set of professional elements for protection of the substrate and  confined spaces from hydro and bio-degradation.


System EPOXY - Epifil H-50 + Epimal G20 or Epimal Steel + Epimal 200 + / or Epimal LAQ 

Water-soluable epoxy system of professional products for use in industry. It protects the substrate against aggressive chemical environment and ensures increased mechanical strength.


System ELASTOMER - Sil-Grunt + Biel-Putz Plus + Filler PC-01 + Latex Elastomer 

The preferred professional products for facades. This system ensures a deep and proper protection of walls. It allows for permanent repair of cracks and other surface defects. Reduces the formation of new cracks, covers capillaries and shrinkage cracks, preventing destructive penetration of moisture into the depths of the facade. This provides increased resistance to building movements. Has a high flexibility in a wide temperature range to form a coating resistant to atmospheric agents. The presence of reinforcing fibers increases the high mechanical strength of the coating. The system is recommended for outdoor use but can also be applied inside buildings.


System PIGMENTHERM - Kwarcyt T-33 + acrylic plaster or plaster, silicone or silicate photocatalytic plaster

Ready for use plasters with the “stucco” structure, designed for application of thin film, decorative plaster on interior and exterior surfaces made ​​of concrete & cement mortar. Coatings are resistant to water, weather conditions, mechanical damage and have good permeability to gases and vapors.


Epoxy system for floors - EPIFIL GROUND + EPIFIL WP 

Two-component solvent-free epoxy screed for indoor floors that are particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage, chemicasl and dirt. Recommended for use in public buildings, in public healthcare, garages, production halls and warehouses, including the food industry. Before pouring the flooring substrate is prepared with the primer.


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