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Detailed information is available in the technical data sheets, safety data sheets and instructions for use, which must be read before using these products. 

  • A two-component, waterborne epoxy putty designed for surfacing and patching plasters, concrete & stone. It is easy to spread, creating a smooth, hard layer. It has very good adhesion to smooth and bearing surfaces, high resistance to mechanical damage and chemical agents. Depending on the amount of sand added, you can get a consistency matched to those of the repair work, from semi-liquid-to very thick.
  • An acrylicconstruction putty for interior and exterior use. Designed for smoothing concrete, plaster, wood, plasterboard and even metal surfaces. It gives a good grip for all types of paints. It does not create cracks in the thin or thick layer. The dried layer is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and moisture. Recommended for filling surfaces vulnerable to impact, such as edges and corners.
  • A ready-to-use acrylic putty for internal use designed for leveling the surface ofconcrete walls and ceilings, cement-lime plaster, wood and patching plasterboard. The components cause easy application of plaster to large areas and provides for ease of sanding after drying. This putty allows for a very smooth surface of walls and ceilings.
  • A ready-to-use, acrylic putty for interiors and exteriors, plaster, concrete, gypsum & wood. It is easy to distribute, creating a smooth, hard, easy to sand layer,. Compared with gypsum leveling compounds it has a better adhesion to smooth surfaces, greater resistance to mechanical damage and provides wider possibilities in the choice of topcoat. It is characterized by high whiteness.
  • A ready-to-use, acrylic filler containing reinforcing fibers, for leveling and smoothing of the joints and cracked surface of mineral & polimer (acrylic) plasters (gypsum, cement, cement-lime silicate) and bricks and concrete. The presence of fibers increases the increase the mechanical strength and resistance to cracking.
  • Snow-white finishing plaster based on white cement for interior and exterior use. Designed to smooth the surface of concrete, wood and wood-based surfaces & plasterboard. It is a high-strength,very malleable. It provides singlecoat coverage for most paints, without the need for priming
  • Gładź wewnętrzna is a high quality material produced from natural mineral fillers and modifiers that provide ductility and ease of application and processing. When binding, it is not subject to the phenomenon of contraction. The big advantage is achieved whiteness, which reduces paint consumption, and excellent machinability of the dried surface. It can be used to fill cavities, cracks in the plaster and patching of plasterboard.

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