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Ponds & swimming pools

Detailed information is available in the technical data sheets, safety data sheets and instructions for use, which must be read before using these products.

Depending on the size of the water body, its purpose, and especially its depth, select the appropriate sealing material. With Increasing depth the pressure exerted by the water on the bottom and side walls increases. The greater the pressure the greater the risk of water infiltration. To insulate a small and shallow pond just one-component sealant IZOLANIT can be used ; for pools of greater depthit  is necessary to use high-pressure hydro-insulation foil IZOLANIT C-24. For additional reinforcement tape can be used  on the corners and sealing cuffsto  provide a flexible and waterproof protection of corners, such as at the junction of two walls, the bottom wall, in corner, near sludge grilles, the edges of plumbing openings. More information on the Waterproofing System page.

To paint the tanks we offer a set of Water-soluable Epoxy EPIMAL. When painting of stone elements of ponds is required, epoxy varnish EPIMAL LAQ fills this role perfectly.

  • A two-component waterborne epoxy paint for surfaces vulnerable to damage and soiling such as public facilities (schools, offices, railway stations), health services establishments, restaurants, bars, garages, car washes, corridors and staircases, and exposed to frequent contact with aggressive chemicals, eg. production hall flooring, warehouses, including the food industry (breweries, distilleries, bakeries, dairies, butchers, abattoirs, processing, bottling). Designed for painting of concrete and steel. It gives a durable, water-resistant coating resistant to chemical agents. Available colors: white, light gray, medium gray, beige, yellow, dark yellow, red, reddish brown, green, brown, blue, black.
  • A clear, waterborne two-component epoxy laquer designed to seal the surface of the rock materials of natural and artificial origin made of cement and various mineral aggregates. It can also serve to protect paint coast, giving them shine, superior abrasion resistance and making the surface easier to clean. Characterized by high hardness, elasticity, resistance to abrasion, cracking, water and many chemicals. Additional advantages of the lacquer is washability of tools with water, and only barely perceptible odor during the time of painting.
  • A two-component waterborne epoxy primer preparation for surfaces inside and outside. Recommended under high-quality water-borne epoxy paints. It can be used for a variety of construction materials, like plaster, concrete, brick, gypsum & plasterboard. This results in an increase in adhesion, standardization of consistency& absorbency of the substrate. Especially recommended for priming concrete elements, such as floors & surfaces of concrete structures.
  • A high-pressure, elastic two-component plaster that gives gives a tight,crack bridging, hydrulicly hardening insulating coating. It is designed for sealing interior and exterior parts of buildings, exposed to water (also under pressure), such as terraces and balconies (can be directly covered with ceramic tiles), external basement walls and foundations at risk of shrinkage fractures, for sealing: swimming pools, sewage tanks, water tanks and car wash facilities.
  • A waterproofing system components used to protect joints against water and moisture, sealing of critical areas with flowing water at atmospheric pressure, such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, etc. They provide a flexible and waterproof protection to corners, such as at the junction of two walls, the junction of and floor, sludge grilles, the edges of plumbing transitions. Tapes can also be used for isolation of terraces and balconies.

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