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The fractured

Detailed information is available in the technical data sheets, safety data sheets and instructions for use, which must be read before using these products. 

Painting the surface of plaster, which as a result of subsidence, improperly located insulation thermal insulation or vibration caused by traffic, are covered with a network of cracks is a problem. Low flexibility of standard paint (emulsion, acrylic) limits their use on such surfaces. Filling with conventional putties is effective when the surface is stable and shows no movement. The only effective solution for such cases (except for a scaling plaster) is the use of a flexible elastomeric paint and putty reinforced with fibers.

  • LATEX ELASTOMER isa water based elastomer paint that covers the capillaries and shrinkage cracks of the substrate. It is designed for painting of facade and interior walls of buildings. Its has a high flexibility in a wide temperature range and forms a coating resistant to atmospheric agents, characterized by low water absorption and excellent adhesion to the substrate. The presence of reinforcing fibers increases the high mechanical strength of the coating. It can be used on mineral plaster ( cement-lime, cement, silicate, gypsum ) and polymer (eg acrylic ) & concrete. It is recommended for painting walls and ceilings of rooms that are particularly vulnerable to dirt and therefore require frequent washing, such as public buildings: healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotel lobbies, offices, libraries, schools, corridors and stairwells, but also surfaces exposed to frequent contact with moisture : such as bathrooms, walls around pools & kitchens.
  • BIEL-GRUNT is a waterborne acrylic primer designed for coating surfaces in Interior and exterior construction. It is recommended for use under acrylic paints, ordinary emulsion paints, heavy vinyland glass fiber wallpaper, ceramic wall and floor tiles. It gives a transparent layer after drying. It can be used for a variety of construction materials. When properly applied, it raises the adhesion, cohesion and unification of the absorbency of the substrate, while not hindering the process of so-called. "Wall breathing".
  • SIL-GRUNT is a deep penetrating, waterborne primer preparation intended for indoor building surfaces (regardless of the degree of moisture) and oexterior of buildings. Application results in an increase in adhesion, strengthening load capacity, standardization of consistency and absorbency of the substrate, while not hindering the process of so-called. "Breathing". Prevents discoloration and stains. Reduces wear of topcoats. These features are the result of the application of the particulate polymer with an extremely small particle size (so called hydrosol) that are many times smaller than those used in conventional acrylic primers. This ensures deep penetration into the porous substrate.
  • A ready-to-use, acrylic filler containing reinforcing fibers, for leveling and smoothing of the joints and cracked surface of mineral & polimer (acrylic) plasters (gypsum, cement, cement-lime silicate) and bricks and concrete. The presence of fibers increases the increase the mechanical strength and resistance to cracking.
  • A ready-to-use, acrylic putty for interiors and exteriors, plaster, concrete, gypsum & wood. It is easy to distribute, creating a smooth, hard, easy to sand layer,. Compared with gypsum leveling compounds it has a better adhesion to smooth surfaces, greater resistance to mechanical damage and provides wider possibilities in the choice of topcoat. It is characterized by high whiteness.

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