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5, 10 l


up to 10 m²/l





Grunder SK

Silikatowy, zapobiega powstawaniu plam i zacieków



GRUNDER SK - silicate (silicate) preparation for priming before applying silicate plaster  or silicate paint. Designed for use on a variety of building materials such as: mineral and polymer (eg acrylic) plasters, concrete, brick walls. This results in an increase in adhesion, standardization and consistency absorbency of the substrate. Prevents stains and spots. Recommended especially on substrates that are weakly bound, absorbent, old or dirty. Used to strengthen the surface before painting, provides very good adhesion and stabilizes the color. Creates a layer characterized by a very high vapor permeability, providing free passage of water vapor and returning moisture. Agent based on water glass and water, facilitating the application of silicate facade paint on concrete and plaster surfaces.


Surface preparation and application of:

GRUNDER SK is a preparation ready for use. It must not be mixed with other materials or thickened. Thouroughly mix the contents of the package. The substrate should be dry, free from dust, dirt, oil, grease and wax. All loose, not connected properly to the substrate layers, must be removed before using the primer. Paint with a roller, brush or a spray. Dry glue and calcareouspaints must be removed. Fresh cement-lime plaster can be painted no earlier than 3-4 weeks after application. Fill cracks and other defects with cement mortar. Paint or plaster can be applied 24 hours after priming.



Surrounding objects, windows,  equipment and especially glass, ceramics, natural stone, metal and clinker must be coverd before starting work. Do not use on surfaces covered with lime paint. The product is alkaline. When working, wear protection, gloves and goggles. The room in which the preparation is stored, should be ventilated.


  • form: colorless low viscosity liquid,
  • paint with a roller, brush or spray
  • use and keep in the temperature from +5 to 35°C
  • drying time: ~3 (the exact drying time depends on the absorbency of the substrate and weather conditions and may be extended)
  • recommended number of coats: 1
  • efficiency (depends largely on the absorbency and condition of the substrate):
  • concrete surfaces: 8-10 m2/l,
  • less absorbtive surfaces: 10-12 m2/l,
  • density according to PN-82/C-81551: ~1,1 g / cm3,
  • pH value: 11÷12
  • washing tools and diluting - with tap water
  • Product has a PZH Hygienic certificate
  • 12 month warranty from the date  of production (in sealed packaging and temperatures in 5-25 C range)
  • Packaging:  5 liters, 10 liters'

Warranty cards lose validity after new ones are released.

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