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1, 5, 10, 20 kg


ok. 3 m²/kg




PN-EN 998-1:2010

Gładź cementowa Super Biała

Universal, malleable, durable, white cement based


Gładź Cementowa is a high quality material produced with cement base, natural mineral fillers and modifiers, providing ductility and ease of laying and processing. The big advantage is that it is white, which reduces the costs associated with subsequent painting.

Is designed to make thin-plaster walls and ceilings and other repair work, finishing and decorative construction for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the excellent workability, walls and ceilings have exceptionally smooth finish. Due to its characteristicsit  is ideal for damp areas. It binds well with the substrate concrete, cement and cement-lime.


Surface preparation and application:

The mix should be applied to the substrate that is clean, free of dust, dirt, debris and oil paints emulsion and grease. After cleaning the substrate should be slightly moistened (but not wet ). If it is necessary to reduce the absorbency of the substrate, it is recommended to prime it with recommended SIL-GRUNT diluted 1:1 with water.

Slowly pour the contents of the bag into a plastic container containing a measured amount of water, while stirring mechanically. Mix until ituntil it yields a homogeneous mortar without lumps. For filling cavities consistency of the mortar should be denser than the “przecierka”. The mortar is ready to use few minutes after mixing.

Distribute the ready mortar onto substrate using a metal trowel. In order to obtain super smooth finish, use sandpaper or sanding mesh to remove unevenness after drying. Protect the surfaces of the freshly applied mortar from drying too quickly and rain. Clean tools with water immediately after use.



Store the product in sealed bags in a dry place. Do not allow it to get wet.

The manufacturer is not liable for use of the product that is inconsistent with  instructions on the packaging. The product contains cement. Protect your eyes, do not breathe dust, wear protective clothing, gloves.

  • amount of water: 4 liters per 10 kg plaster,
  • suitability for use: at least 2 hours.,
  • use at temperatures from +5 to 25 ° C,
  • consumption: about 1 kg / m2 at a thickness of 1 mm,
  • Has a PZH Hygienic Certificate,
  • 12 months warranty from date of manufacture,
  • Packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg.

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