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5, 10 l


8-10 m²/l





Silicate elevation paint 

Mineral silicate paint



Water-soluable silicate paint intended to paint building elements both inside and outside the premises. Can be used for a variety of building materials: mineral plaster and polymer (e.g., acrylic), concrete, brick walls. Gives uniform, well covering, waterproof, non-glossy, crisp white coating (white version) or the right color. The paint protects the external walls of buildings against moisture. After drying it gives a stable hydrophobic layer, with  very good adhesion to mineral bases. Creates a layer characterized by a very high permaeability, providing free water vapour penetration and moisture removal through the surface on which the has been applied. Is resistant to washing and to atmospheric agents. Contains acrylic Binder and potassium water glass and modifiers, pigments and mineral fillers as well as measures to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the façade.


Surface preparation and application:

it is ready-to-use Paint. In any case, do not add a chalk, lime and dry glue paints or other materials. It is not recommended to paint the surface covered with limestone. Surfaces must be cleaned before painting, dry, remove the loose parts and degrease. Dry glue and limestone paints must be removed. In case of urfaces that were not painted  or are very old, it is recommended that you apply primer GRUNDER SK. Fresh  Lime-cement plaster can be painted no sooner then 4 weeks. Painting of thinned mineral plasters used in thermal insulation systems of buildings, is allowed after three days in these days when the temperature above + 15 ° c. Cavities and cracks should be filled with cement mortar. Before you begin to paint mix the contents of the package thoroughly. The paint can be applied once or twice, depending on the absorbency and the structure of the substrate. Another layer can be applied after complete drying of the previous coat (minimum 12 hours) using the "criss-cross" method and keeping the layers in one direction. Technological gaps and joining must be pre-planned:, for example, in the corners and angles of the building, under the downpipes, at the junction of colors, etc. to be arranged in invisible places. Clean tools with water immediately after completion of the work.


To avoid differences in color shades, the paint marked with same date of production should be applied to one surface. Surfaces which differ in structure and technological parameters can cause the effect of various shades of the color of the paint. Surrounding objects, windows and equipment need to be covered before starting work, especially glass, ceramics, natural stone, metal and clinker. Product is alkaline. When working, wear protective clothing, gloves and glasses.

  • available colours: white, any other according to NCS color guide
  • paint with a roller, brush or spray,
  •  use and keep in the temperature from +5 to 35°C,
  • time of drying and painting the second coat: 12  hours,
  • recommended number of coatings: 1-2,
  • efficiency: 8-10 m2/l,
  • density according to PN-82/C-81551: 1,5 g / cm3,
  •  pH value: 11÷12
  • washing tools and diluting - with running water,
  • Hygiene Certyficate PZH no HK/B/1008/01/2007
  • Norm: PN-C-81913:1998
  • 12 month warranty from the date of production
  • Packaging: 10 liter plastic buckets,

Warranty cards lose validity after new ones are released.

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