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zes. na 15-20 m²





Product Features:

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Plik do pobrania

Plik do pobrania

Plik do pobrania


Epoxy flooring kit

  • Ideal for garages, warehouse and production halls,
  • Increases the abrasion resistance of the floor
  • Helps to keep the floor clean
  • Watertight - reduces the penetration of water from the surface
  • Easy to use - water-soluble
  • Resistant to many chemicals (oils, greases, gasoline, etc.)


Intended use

Water-soluble epoxy system designed to protect and repair floors, including in attached and multi-car garages, storage facilities, production halls. The kit consists of EPIMAL 200 epoxy topcoat, EPIMAL G20 epoxy primer and EPIFIL H-50 epoxy filler. The coating created is durable, resistant to water and many chemical agents. The EPIMAL H-50 epoxy primer included in the kit is easy to spread, forming a smooth, hard layer.


Surface preparation and application

According to the technical data sheets of the individual products included in the set. In addition, descriptions of these components can be found on their labels placed on individual packages.

Components B - hardeners:

  • For Epimal 200 paint - bottle with description "Utwardzacz T18 0,5 litra"
  • For Epimal G20 paint - bottle with description "Utwardzacz T18 0,2 litra"
  • For the Epifil H-50 filler - small bottle with tag "Utwardzacz E6 50g"


Kit contents:

EPIMAL 200 paint - 5L (A+B),

EPIMAL G20 primer - 2L (A+B),

EPIFIL H-50 filler - 1.05 kg (A + B).

  • Depending on the condition of the surface, sufficient for 15 to 20 m2.
  • Detailed descriptions on the labels of the individual components of the kit.
  • Use in accordance with these descriptions labels on the component labels.

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