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4 l


10-12 m²/l





Epimal LAQ

Two-component epoxy, highly durable

WATERBORNE TWO-component epoxy lacquer


The product is a colorless, water-based, 2-component epoxy paint for decorative and protective coating of natural & artificial stone ( eg, sandstone ), including floors and metal surfaces. It is designed for coating of a variety of products made from natural rock materials as well as made ​​of various types of cement and mineral aggregates. It can also be used for maintenance mosaic plaster, as well as coatings for protection of  paint coats  giving them a gloss, superior abrasion resistance and easy cleaning ability. To some extent it can be used to protect wood ( indoor ).

After drying coatings are characterized by a gloss, transparency, high hardness, but at the same time, flexibilit, resistance to abrasion, cracking, water and many chemicals. Depending on the degree of dilution it can give a glossy or matt surface. Due to its unique decorative-protectivequalitie,s it can be used inside as well as outside (not wood ). When used on natural stone, it reveals another advantage as it accentuates the structure of the  rocks, its color and structure. Based on high-quality, yellowing-resistant epoxy resin. Contains no harmful solvents or heavy metals.

Surface preparation and application of:

The paint does not require dilution, suitable for use in its commercial form. However, if its necessary to have a matt surface, tap water can be added. Do not add water from natural reservoir, such as lakes, rivers, ponds. Proper and careful surface preparation prior to painting is a prerequisite for obtaining appropriate quality coatings. The surface should be dry, free from dust and clean. Remove algae, lichens and  degrease. Fresh concrete surfaces can be painted no earlier than 4 weeks after application. After addition of hardener,  mix thoroughly ( for at least 2 minutes ). After mixing the varnish should be used within 2 hours., Avoid introducing air bubbles while stirring, as they  may be difficult to remove and cause a slight cloudiness of the coating. Apply a thin coating layer uniformly, avoiding excess. Too thickof a layer makes it difficult to dry out, which can reveal the presence of white spots even after drying. That risk is especially high in the case of substrate with a large and non-uniform porosity, eg sandstone, concrete with higher permeability. Do not allow the formation of stains. For thicker finish (higher gloss ) varnish several times. Ventilate the room before commissioning until the odor disappears.



This lacquer can also be used for impregnation of the stone. In order to do tha, after the lacquer is mixed it should be diluted slowly with water at a ratio of 1:4 (1 part of lacquer [component I + component II] & 4 parts water) and mixed thoroughly. Apply 1-2 layers (as required).


Safety precautions:

Observe the usual precautions as when working with other aqueous varnish products. Protect eyes and skin surface from direct contact with the product. In case of contact wash with soap and water, change soiled clothing.Rinse eyes immediately with plenty of running water for at least 20 minutes. If irritation develops, consult a doctor.



Before use stir the paint thoroughly with the hardener. Do not change the recommended ratio of paint to hardener. This can result in a significant reduction in the hardness of the coating. Do not paint outdoors during strong sunshine and rain. Do not paint when the surface is wet and heated, such as in direct sunlight. Store out of reach of children. Protect from freezing.



  • milky white liquid, when dry – coating is colorless,
  • apply with a paint brush, roller or spray,
  • recommended ratio of 3.4 L to 0.6 L of paint hardener,
  • use and store at temperatures no lower than 15 ° C and not higher than 30 ° C,
  • pot life after mixing with hardener (at 20 ° C ): approx 2 hours.
  • drying time, at the substrate temperature of 20 ° C and relative humidity 65% (by lowering the temperature and humidity drying time is extended ) :
  • Touch Dry : about 2 hours.,
  • applying the next layer after 24 hours,
  • full cure : after 7 days,
  • recommended number of coats: 1-3 (depending on need )
  • Efficiency: 10-12 m2 / l,
  • density : about 1.0 g/cm3,
  • pH : 7.5-8.5,
  • cleaning tools and dilutionwith tap water,
  • Hygienic Certificate  No. HK/B/0291/01/2008,
  • norm: PN-C- 81906 : 2003
  • Warranty : 12 months from date of manufacture,
  • Packaging : 4 liters ( 3.4 comp. I and 0.6 comp. II ).

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