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mineral matt


6, 18 kg


ok. 1,4 kg/m2

Product Features:

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Plik do pobrania

Plik do pobrania

Plik do pobrania

Decorativa Beton

Mineral decorative lime plaster



Thin-layer lime-siloxane plaster mix for indoor and outdoor use (after waterproofing). Creates the raw look of natural concrete, which in combination with other noble wall decorations and the appropriate arrangement emphasises the modern look of the premises. The product exhibits increased resistance to fungi, mould and other pathogens harmful to humans. Because of its exceptional properties and durability, the product is recommended for plastering rooms with a high standard, but also spaces where allergy sufferers and sick persons are present, in order to improve the comfort of inhaled air, e.g. living and office space, living room and annexes, dining rooms, bedrooms. Can be used on: cement plasters, cement-lime plasters, gypsum plasters, plasterboard, wood.


Surface preparation and application:

SURFACE PREPARATION. The surface to be plastered should be durable, dry, free of dust, rust and grease. Fresh cement-lime plasters can be covered after 3-4 weeks of seasoning, gypsum plasters after 2 weeks. Remove the old calcimine paint, rinse and wash off with water with the addition of cleaning agents until the plaster is exposed. Remove old emulsion coatings, poorly adhering to the surface, if well adhered - wash with water with detergent and leave to dry. Prime the surface with KWARCYT T-33 quartz agent. Moulded areas should be mechanically cleaned and disinfected with GrzyboSTOP fungicide and rinsed off, while remembering the need to remove the cause of fungal growth.


PREPARING THE PRODUCT. For dyeing, use inorganic pigments intended for silicate plasters. Stir the dyed product thoroughly in a shaker or using a mechanical stirrer. Check that the dyed product is homogeneous and does not create uneven stains. Do not add lime or mix with other products. During storage, the compound thickens in the package and may look too thick to use. However, before deciding to dilute, mix the contents of the package thoroughly (the mixture dilutes during mixing). Prior to plastering, re-mix. Colour obtained from different batches should be mixed together in a larger container.


PLASTERING. The mixed product should be applied with a Venetian trowel to the grain thickness. After complete drying - after a minimum of 12 hours - apply a second coat and smooth with semicircular movements in all directions. It is permissible to slightly mist the surface of the dried first layer with water before applying the second layer in a justified situation, e.g. during work at higher temperatures. For outdoor use, the first coat should be waterproofed with IMPREGNASIL at a 1:10-1:20 dilution (it is recommended to make a test first). Working joints and connection places must be planned in advance, e.g. in corners and bends of the building, under pipes, at the contact place of different colours, etc., so that they are located in unseen places. Connect material during application using the wet to wet method.


WATERPROOFING: In order to create the resistance to washing and weather conditions, the dry plaster surface (after a minimum of 24 hours of drying) should be waterproofed with IMPREGNASIL diluted with water 1:5 using a roller or by spraying. Waterproofing with a brush may be difficult due to the rough surface of the plaster.



Due to the various technologies and raw materials used in other manufacturers' products, the manufacturer is not responsible for the effects of mixing the product with other products. In case of dyeing with pigments, always make a test on a smaller amount. Store in original and tightly closed packaging. Pre-ventilate the space before its use until the odour is gone. Keep away from children. Protect from freezing and overheating. Information included in the technical data sheet is intended to ensure the optimum use of the product, but does not constitute a legal liability for the manufacturer, as the application conditions are beyond the manufacturer's control. Any changes to the product's composition is unacceptable and may significantly reduce the quality of the material used. The plaster achieves full strength after 28 days from the completion of work.


Safety recommendations:

Accidental ingestion: rinse mouth and drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention. Inhalation: move the injured to fresh air. Skin contact: wash with water and soap, change contaminated clothing. In case of irritation consult a doctor. Eye contact: rinse immediately with plenty of running water for several minutes. Seek medical attention.

  • Coating appearance: the look of raw concrete,
  • Available colours: white, light grey (V1), grey (V3), other colours upon request,
  • Application: Venetian trowel,
  • Coverage: (approx. 0.7 m2/kg),
  • Consumption: 6 kg - about 4.25 m2, 18 kg - about 12.85 m2,
  • Store at 5-30°C,
  • Apply at the ambient and surface temperature of: 10-25°C,
  • Drying time, depending on the surface and ambient conditions: 12 hours,
  • Another layer can be applied: after at least 12 hours,
  • Recommended number of layers: 1-2,
  • Tool cleaning: before fully hardened - water,
  • Warranty: 12 months from the date of manufacture,
  • Packaging: 6 kg, 18 kg.

With the release of the new version of the data sheet, the previous data sheet loses its validity.


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