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Fibreglass wallpapers

walls and ceilings


SYSTEXX – wall coverings (wallpapers) of textile glass i.e. fibreglass material, intended for walls and ceilings. Used in very demanding facilities or traffic heavy facilities: like clinics, office buildings, schools, hotels, shopping malls, airports and housing. The materials are factory-coated with water-reactive adhesive and impregnated on both sides, and some of them dyed white.


- environmentally friendly (CPR declaration),

- posing no health risks (OEKO-TEX certificate), hypoallergenic and can be used in contact with food,

- does not emit harmful substances (VOC certificate),

- water vapour permeable. (sD coefficient = 0,03 to 0,20 m),

- suitable for public facilities (certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH)),

- provides fire safety in class B-s1, d0

- may be repaired by section and painted, varnished, plastered or wallpapered many times over,

- resistant to abrasions, blows and punctures,

- significantly lowers the investment cost, increases utility qualities of rooms, and reduces day-to-day operating costs.


Premium - high quality, manufactured via the Jacquard method of High-tech fibreglass, with a 30 year guarantee. Exclusive - full of energy and attractive patterns, with excellent technical parameters, for representative, as well as residential premises. Teherani - a collection of six exclusive patterns, created by the great architect Hadi Teherani, inspired by modern architecture.

Comfort - Classic fibreglass materials (wallpapers) for large surfaces. A discreet appearance, reasonable installation costs thanks to the AQUA technology and pre-pigmentation of almost every product in this group. Structure - materials of classic structures: from discrete to very expressive. Glassfleece - for perfectly smooth walls, easy installation and a completely uniform surface.

Active -providing even greater possibilities of interior design, with an additional function. Magnetic - with magnetically active coating. It allows for widely popular magnets to be attached to the wall. Reno - for cheap wall renovation during business hours. Fabric with a special pattern concealing irregularities of the base. Logo - with a unique pattern, e.g. company logo, individually woven on fibreglass material. Whiteboard - to create white-walls (whiteboards) intended to write on with markers (so-called dry-wipe board).


SYSTEXX wallpapers in conjunction with EPIMAL LX, LATEX LX or TITANIUM LX paints, form a wall-system intended for the so-called clean rooms of class 5 according to ISO 14644-1.


For traditional wallpapers we recommend a TAP polymer adhesive.

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