Offer to Healthcare Services

Special areas of application for construction chemistry products are structures described by the generic term as “healthcare services structures”. Many products that work exceptionally well in general construction (…)

Agri-food industry

Specific requirements for construction products used in the food industry and related enterprises result from the higher requirements of the users and are much more difficult to (…)

Combating moisture

Moisture and the effects of its presence are widely known. It is very difficult to repair damage caused by microorganisms colonizing a moist environment. Much better and cheaper is (...)

Offer to industry

Specific requirements for the use of construction products in the industry result from the higher requirements of the users, as well, and much more difficult operating conditions of surface.

Restoration of monuments

Restoration of architectural objects of historical significance is a serious problem. On the one hand it is necessary to preserve the look and feel consistent with the era in which the object was created, and at the same time (...)


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